Salt water heals all wounds.
Surfing is an art form. From the moment you jump in the salty water the unpredictability of the ocean takes over; just like living life with a disease a wave moves at its own flow and we are just here to ride it. This is our Nation MFG X Fight2Breathe surfboard. It is meant to be rode with passion, love, and commitment. The same three characteristics a person needs to fight against 65 roses. We will be selling 5 custom boards designed to each persons exact dimensions. The board will come with purple tint to represent the color of cystic fibrosis, and will include five fin boxes in either FCS or Future. For every model sold an individual with cystic fibrosis will receive a gift to enjoy the ocean. 
On this board dedicated to my brother/caregiver there are 65 things that symbolize how I relate to Cystic Fibrosis. For each board I will produce a customized piece of rideable art. 
If interested please contact with the subject line "NATION X F2B".

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